HOURS                 COST
0 to 3                FREE
3 to 4                $4.00
4 to 5                 $8.00
5 to 6                 $12.00
6 to 7                 $16.00
Maximum Daily Rate                 $36.00
 Overnight Parking*                $10.00



*Car park fees are calculated cumulatively on a daily basis with customers entitled to up to 3 hours free parking each day.

 *terms and conditions apply - Click here for more information 






Ticketless parking utilises licence plate recognition to track parking without the need for a paper ticket, providing a streamlined entry and exit system for all Big Top Shopping Centre customers.

On entry, a camera will recognise licence plate details, and vehicles are not required to stop as tickets will not be issued.

Upon exiting, customers will stop at the boom gates while the camera scans the licence plate details, calculates the time spent, and if any costs are incurred. If customers have been under three hours, the boom gates will automatically open, and no action is required.

Customers who have paid or scanned a validation bar code for an additional free hour can also proceed directly to the boom gates, which will automatically open. If payment is required, a credit card can be scanned at the boom gates, however, customers are advised to check and pay at pay stations where possible.





The ticketless payment system will recognise your vehicle’s licence plate and the boom gate will open automatically.

If required, payment for parking will be able to be made:

- At car park exit barriers using a credit card

- At pay stations located at car park entrances via credit card*. Cash payments are accepted at selected pay stations. 

- No cash payments accepted





Customers who hold a valid disability parking permit are eligible to receive complimentary* parking. 

For more information on how to apply for the disability parking permit, please click here





If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or visit